About Us

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE (UOC) is a truly global online Institution without walls and borders. UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE is a 100% online initiative, with the purpose to offer online / distance education programs and confer academic and honorary degrees/diplomas legally, in compliance with the laws of the USA. UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE is a non-profit degree-granting educational corporation in the USA. UOC is not accredited by any U.S. Department of Education/government approved accrediting agencies. UOC does not provide any formal tuition or training to students.

All the programs that we offer are conducted only via online / distance education mode and no training or equivalent thereto is required in any physical location. UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE (UOC) is not connected to or a branch of any University from any other countries. UOC does not conduct any traditional educational programs with a period of study at UOC. All UOC programs are 100% free for all applying students.