1. Are your Academic degrees / honorary degrees / awards / Knighthood / Damehood legitimate?

Yes! We legally award professional work experience degrees / honorary masters, doctoral, and professorship titles / awards / KNIGHTHOOD / DAMEHOOD. With our degree-granting authority under the laws of the USA, they are legitimate and valid honorary degrees, similar to those awarded by many universities.

Reasons why we offer honorary degrees so readily:

Celebrities are given honorary degrees all the time, generally because of their celebrity status and not because they completed any study or demonstrated any proficiency. Note that honorary degrees are not the same as “actual” degrees, though the titles (Doctorate, Ph.D, Master’s) are the same.

Degrees are great in many ways, higher education is not what it once was. Costs have risen much higher than inflation, while the value of a degree has dropped. You can make your Ph.D strong enough if you do good works for the world. We think that world needs your assistance for development of life. Our goal is to award honorary degrees to individuals we can be proud of--individuals who have shown generosity, who have given back to their communities, and who have inspired others through their passion and commitment to their fields of study or work.  We believe that education isn't limited to what we learn in the classroom.  People learn throughout their lives, at work, at home, in our communities, and in our society.  That learning is valuable and is worthy of an honorary credential.  

In today’s information economy, smart people are often better served by acquiring computer skills and entering the job or entrepreneurial markets right away. That’s not to say that university education is valueless, only that it may be time for some things to change. We’re playing with the possibilities.

As we awarded honorary doctoral degrees to many, we noticed the transformation that happened within these people.  They received a new energy and motivation that empowered them to continue doing the kind of selfless and charitable work that had earned them honorary recognition.  Our goal as an organization is to do this on a global level, because there are amazing people all around the world who continue to dedicate their skills, their valuable time, and their money to help others, often for nothing in return.  We want to honor these people.  Are you one of them?  Do you deserve an honorary doctorate?

With your help, we’re hoping to build an alternative approach to education and thought. By making it easy and rewarding, we’re hoping to raise interest and awareness.

It doesn’t hurt anyone to be able to call yourself a doctor (as many other famous people have done) without having to slog through years of study. No respectable institution is going to offer you a job based on honorary degrees, however. But it might inspire you and others to look at the world in a new and different way.

2. What are the requirements for getting a professional work experience degrees / honorary doctorate, awards and Knighthood / Damehood?

We trust that those who request professional work experience degrees / honorary doctorates from us are deserving individuals who have made important contributions to their communities.  We ask that applicants promise to do their best to exhibit a spirit of generosity in their everyday lives, to dedicate some of their time and skills to charity or volunteer work, to be honest and humble, and to live their lives according to basic humane principles.  The same criteria apply for awards and Knighthood / Damehood too.

3. What does the academic degrees / honorary doctoral degree / award / Knighthood / Damehood certificate look like?

Softcopy degree / award / Knighthood / Damehood certs: Is an impressive pdf document which can be printed and framed to hang up on a wall, or displayed on a desk.    

Hardcopy degree / award / Knighthood / Damehood certs: A physical certificate is mailed to you. Our honorary degrees / awards / Knighthood / Damehood certs are printed on special paper, in the international A4 size. They feature a seal, our logo, and the signature of the Officer of UoC. They are impressive documents which can be framed to hang up on a wall, or displayed on a desk.    

4.  Is the certificate dated?

Yes, our academic degrees / honorary degrees / award / Knighthood / Damehood certs bear the date of award (the date on which you requested your honorary degree / award / Knighthood / Damehood). If you prefer that your degree is not dated, please mention this in the "Notes" section of the order process. Please note that whether or not the certificate is dated has no bearing on its validity.  

5. Can I call myself "Dr." after receiving an honorary doctorate and ‘Sir’ or ‘Lady’ on receiving the Knighthood / Damehood?  

In some countries, honorary doctorate and Knighthood / Damehood recipients are allowed to use the title of "Dr." / “Sir” / “Lady” before their names, whereas in other countries recipients must check and use the doctoral title.

6. Can you provide verification to prospective employers?

Yes. We are more than happy to provide verification when we receive inquiries.

7. Can I get transcripts?

academic degrees are accompanied by many type of transcripts.

No, for honorary degrees. Because our degrees are not academic and do not require any coursework, they are not accompanied by any type of transcripts. We take pride in the fact that our honorary degrees are legitimately bestowed, and unlike other websites that "sell" degrees, we do not offer any counterfeit documents.

9. Can I request an honorary degree / award / Knighthood / Damehood for someone else?

Yes. Our honorary degrees / awards make unique and wonderful gifts, especially for people who are involved in volunteer or social work, as well as the elderly. During the order process, we ask that you write in the name of the recipient of the degree, exactly as you would like it to appear on the certificate. Here you can write in the name of the person that you would like to award the honorary degree / award / KNIGHTHOOD / DAMEHOOD too.

10. Can I get academic degrees / honorary doctorate / award in a discipline that is not included in your list?

We encourage recipients to select disciplines from our list that reflect their background and experiences. However, from time to time we receive requests for disciplines that are not included on our list. Please contact us and we will let you know whether we are able to award such a degree / award.

11. How can I make the service fee payment?

The best way to make your donation is directly on our website, using major credit or debit card, through PayPal. As we receive your payment immediately, we can dispatch your degrees, etc., without any delay.

12. Can I pay by Western Union?

Yes, we do accept payments by Western Union, Money Gram, or other similar money transfer services.

13. How long will it take to receive my academic degree / honorary degree / award / Knighthood / Damehood certs?

Pdf certificates are sent immediately on receipt of the service fee. Hardcopy certificates depend on where you live. In an effort to keep our fees low, we use standard shipping services. It may take between 2-4 weeks to receive your documents. However, we will be glad to send you a digital copy of your academic degrees / honorary degree / award upon request, which you can use until your physical documents arrive.